Shen Yun Spreads Traditional Culture to Marxist Europe in Turmoil – 2019-10-05…

Starting on December 27th in Birmingham, Shen Yun returns to Europe where they will tour from December until May 2020. The US based Chinese dance company has reached enormous popularity since starting out in 2006. They present divinely inspired traditional chinese culture by dance and music, presenting 5000 years of Chinese history to its spectators. At this point the show attracts millions of spectators every year and it´s growing fast. The only place where Shen Sun has had a slow progression is in Europe where cultural marxism is still going strong, although some countries in eastern Europe vigorously fights it. You could say that western European countries are enchanted by “modernism” and they can´t think rationally about it since it´s hard to imagine that your own government has betrayed you.

Remember that Shen Yun is forbidden in China and as we have pointed out many times on this website, the Chinese regime´s worst global enemy is Shen Yun. Most people never understood why culture was so filthy but after having swallowed the “red pill” we all know that the real deal of human life is culture. That´s the most powerful ingredient to control any people. If you give them a good culture they become humans and if you give them a bad culture they will turn into beasts.

As we all know by now, the CCP controls European governments to betray their own culture and their own populations by implementing mass migration, islamisation and other acts of cultural, religious and ethnic destruction of their own countries.

On the other hand the western European governments have spread a beastly culture across Europe for many decades leading to the destruction of family, patriotism, tradition, divine faith and the whole education system. There is a sharp border between eastern and western Europe in terms of cultural righteousness.

Eastern Europe has a big advantage over western Europe since they were conquered by violent communism.

Western Europe has been conquered by cultural marxism – aiming at slowly boiling a shrimp to death while he is unaware of what is going on.

Proof of Chinese Control Over Western Europe in 2019 – Spanish Theater Sccumbed to Pressure of the CCP

Shen Yun was supposed to come to Madrid in 2019 but it didn´t happen and foul play by the CCP was seen in daylight for the first time in Western Europe. A news of siginificant importance not at all reported in MSM. However, the Epoch Times  – proved the whole thing in a secretly recorded interview with the Chinese Ambassador to Spain. In the interview the ambassador Lü Fan explained how he persuaded the Spanish Opera to look at the commercial potential in cooperation with China etc as a way to make them cancel the Shen Yun performances. A few days later the show was cancelled, citing “technical difficulties” as the reason of the cancellation of the shows.

Shen Yun Returns to (Sw)Eden – the Root of Western Cultural Marxism



Swedish third gender shows Sweden´s monstrous culture

In 2020, for the first time in five years, Shen Yun returns to Sweden, the vanguard country of western communism and modern culture. Sweden´s government has now, as the first country in the world, suggested to implement a third gender in Sweden. Since many years the Swedish government has promoted a new word – “hen” – so as to not offend anyone by talking about people in terms of gender such as “han” or “hon”. I suggest that the treason of the Swedish government against its own people, its own culture, its own ethnicity, its own families and its own religion surpasses that of any government in the world. The famous “Swedish sin” of the 1950s and 1960s related to free sex and pornography has transformed into all out cultural war against Swedish people. Looking at the young generation in Sweden today you will find a whole generation of marxist, modern people who are very proud of being the “world´s conscience” regarding climate, genderless society etc. Sweden proves to the whole world that it´s possible to brainwash a population into abandoning their roots of existence.In the west people have come to the stage where government is regarded as God and whatever the government says the people at large will follow. In this case we are talking about following the governments towards complete slavery under a devil. Luckily, other populations aren´t as easy to fool as the Swedish.

Shen Yun will perform in Stockholm at the venue called “Cirkus” on January 3rd to 6th 2020. Hopefully Shen Yun will be able to wake up Europe´s people to the huge importance of protecting their own traditional cultures and national heritages against the will of their own governments.