The Final Stage Starts With CCP Pandemic? 2020-01-27…

In the last few weeks we heard more and more news from China about SARS II, the new corona virus spreading like wildfire inside and outside China. As of today 55 million Chinese are contained in and around Wuhan in the middle of China.
One part is the statistics of the number of SARS II cases. We all know that communist dictators are masters of lies so we need to investigate a little bit more about that.

The second part is the fast spread of the disease across the world. How come that the WHO and national health agencies don´t take this threat more seriously? 

The third part is the intriguing reports of infected people deliberately travelling around the world spreading it or the western health agencies that don´t take the threat seriously. A Chinese already got fined 10 000 USD because of deliberately spreading the virus in Taiwan in a discotheque. This tells us something that isn´t pretty about this disease.

Chinese Man Fined for Spreading SARS II in a Disco

We have waited a few years for this kind of world event and now it seems to be here – a little bit delayed but not much. The protection isn´t going to be found in science but in our moral standard. There are higher dimensions with higher moral standards than mankind and this is where people need to look. Many modern people use science as their God but with this disease there isn´t a medicine. All we can do is rely on higher beings or a God to protect us in times of real hardship. Mankind has come to its final chapter of this civilisation due to its moral collapse. Let´s again remember that the CCP with its die hard followers have killed countless millions of believers of Falun Dafa and the karma from their sins must be repaid. 

Chinese people promised their life to the CCP with an evil oath as youngsters and that oath needs to be rejected by them to stay safe.


The Numbers – What is Going On

Corona numbers

The official reports claim that about 3000 people have become infected so far and about 80 people have died. The worrying side is that they claim that the number is doubling every second day. So in 10 days the 3000 people will be 96 000 people infected. So no matter if the number is incorrect now they admit that the spread is extremely fast.
As for the unofficial number there was a report from a nurse in Wuhan on Jan. 24th that claimed at least 90 000 people have pneumonia from the disease. And of course if 90 000 have pneumonia the number of infected people must be many times higher but let´s be conservative. If we use her number as a starting point we will have about 3 million infected people in 10 days.


See her report below on twitter:

Chinese Nurse: 90 000 Cases in Wuhan Last Friday

To summarise her story:

–  the number of pneumonia cases in the Wuhan region exceeds 90 000 cases

– one patient will infect about 14 other patients unless isolated

– the incubation time is up to 14 days without any symptom but you can spread it to others

– she recommends everyone to stay at home

– the virus has mutated and is now very aggressive and untreatable


Why is the nurse probably correct?

Take a look at this statement from Xinhua, the CCP mouthpiece:

"More than half a million medical staff have joined the epidemic prevention, control and treatment of patients in Hubei, said Li Tao, an official with the Hubei Provincial Health Commission."

Xinhua Reveals the Shocking Truth Between Lines

Why would there be need for 500 000 medical staff to treat 3000 patients? The truth must be that there are at least 200 000 ill people or more in Wuhan at this moment.

The Fast Spread Around the World – Is it Deliberate?

If we compare with SARS I the spread is much faster this time and some people claim that this virus is ten times more powerful than SARS I.

Now to the next question. Obviously all secret police agencies across the world know of this plague and they probably have inside information from China. How come that the western health agencies don´t react stronger? Are they in on this together with the CCP? Create chaos in order to rule the world with an iron fist?

Secondly, in Taiwan a Chinese man from Wuhan has been sentenced for deliberately spreading the disease in a disco. He concealed his disease when he came to Taiwan and then went out to public places. Currently 80 people are being monitored to see if they caught the virus from him. The man was fined 10 000 USD for the crime.

Thirdly, there is a case of a man in Denmark who came from Wuhan with fever and was adviced to stay inside by a doctor. Instead he went around the country in different cities.

Is this a deliberate attempt by the CCP to kick off the next phase of mankind by starting a plague and spread it across the world? In many earlier articles I have described how the CCP wants to create a world state with China on top. To achieve this they have the unofficial support from inside all the other governments including the US, EU and India. The whole plot is based by treason from top officials around the world. This club of traitors was called Illuminati in Europe in old times and there are many clubs such as freemasons, secret police chiefs around the world, Bilderberger and the whole central banking system.
In any case we know that the picture now looks very grim with this pandemic and we never wrote anything about preppers. Perhaps now is a good time to go and buy some food and get some fresh water in case chaos breaks out in a few months time all over the world. As always the big cities will be the most dangerous place to stay when the crowds don´t find anything to eat. Cooperation is the key to success and good men will be needed in times of hardship.