Chinese Prophecy Predicts Current Chinese Plague… 2020-02-10..

Liu Ji, courtesy name Bowen, better known as Liu Bowen, was a Chinese military strategist, philosopher, statesman and poet who lived in the late Yuan and early Ming dynasties. He was born in Qingtian County (present-day Wencheng County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang). He served as a key advisor to Zhu Yuanzhang (the Hongwu Emperor), the founder of the Ming dynasty, in the latter’s struggle to overthrow the Yuan dynasty and unify China under his rule.

His sagacious life has been well known in China since ancient times. He is known as the “Chinese Nostradamus” and today his prophecies are red hot.

His most famous prophecy is the Shaobin Song which has predicted many historical events in China. Another one is the Stone Tablet Inscription in Taibai Mountain of Shaanxi Province. All of these prophecies have become very famous in China and now there is huge focus on the stone tablet prophecy from Shaanxi.

The “Stone Monument of Liu Bowen, Taibai Mountain, Shaanxi” was shaken out in an earthquake, and was only passed on to the people a few years ago. This means that what the stone monument remembers is relevant to the present. The monument to Liu Bowen not only predicted a major plague that would happen, but also showed how the world can crack it.

In “The Monument to Liu Bowen”, it is not only pointed out that there will be a catastrophe in the Year of the Pig and Rat, but also a plague that occurs in the winter and spreads by air. The winter 2019-2020 is exactly the year of the pig and rat. The background is the same as the Roman persecution of Christians. Only that this time the CCP has persecuted Falun Gong practitioners on a massive scale and killed millions of people in the most cruel ways. Compared to the Roman persecution this is a persecution

The prophecy starts like this – indicating a good ending of the disaster when people change their thinking completely:

“Heaven has eyes, earth has eyes, and everyone has eyes.

The sky is turned, the ground is turned, and the joy is endless.”

The ancients proposed: “Pushing the Tao to clarify human affairs” refers to exploring and deducing the laws of the universe and natural movements, so that people understand the laws of human social development and individual survival and change, and understand the truth of being a human, “Heaven and earth exchange their virtues,” so that their behavior will never deviate from the right path. The purpose of prophecy is not to pretend to be mysterious, but to alert the world and distinguish between good and evil.

The inscription reads, “People who do good must see it, and those who do evil can’t watch. Some people in the world do great good, and they ca n’t be counted against.”

“Liu Bowen’s Inscriptions” has repeatedly reminded the world that the so-called “there is no relative in the heavens, but virtue is the supplement”. Only the awe of the heavens and the earth, and good virtues, are the real ways to avoid evil. “Good” appears several times in the inscription. “Those who do good will see it.” “Some people in the world do great good.” “Unless good is what preserves.”
At the end of the inscription, Liu Bowen used words to disassemble, like a mystery, to tell people the three most valuable words:

“Seven people went all the way, seduced into the mouth, three ticks and a tick, eight kings and twenty mouths, everyone laughed, and all were safe.”

“Seven people went all the way, seduced into the mouth” is the word “眞” (ancient wording of “true”). The upper part of “眞” is like “Seven”, and the lower part is composed of “Person” and “One”; the “bow” of the word “introduction” is inserted into the “mouth”, which is the word “mesh”, and the word “inverted” is “one vertical” “To the left, this” one vertical “plus” mesh “constitutes the middle part of” 眞 “.

“Three points plus one tick” is the word “forbearance”. Here is the “three (points) plus (to) one (one) tick”, adding a “dot” to the “knife” upper part of the “knife head” to become a “blade”, the two “dot” Added to the lower part of the “hook” becomes “heart”, and it is regrouped into “forbearance”.

“Eight kings and twenty mouths” is the word “good”. Good from top to bottom consists of eight (upside down), Wang, Ji, mouth.

These three words are “aunt, kindness, and forbearance”. The Chinese writing contains endless wisdom, leaving clues for future generations to explore the true nature of the Tao. If the world has the fate, you can understand the “truth” that the inscription tells, and the inscription finally says, “Everyone laughs and everyone is safe.”